Danish cartoons rings a bell? Well, we’re next. Single issue anti-Islam politician G.W. is putting out a 15 minutes movie which as it turns out now no network will air, so it will be internet only. While nobody has seen it yet, there have been (staged?) protest in i.e. Pakistan and Afghanistan with calls for boycotts and worse. The protesters have no grasp of the right on free speech we have here here and that the administration cannot (and will not) lawfully stop this irresponsible nutcrack. I won’t mention his name here, nor the title of the movie, as the only thing that keeps him well afloat is the constant stirring up he does. Not airing his “work of art” is the first sensible thing the networks have done in ages regarding this man. National Security Coordinator raised the threat level. This is so insane I don’t even know where to start.

The whole idea of a movie is a straight rip of the movie “Submission” Theo van Gogh and Ayaan Hirshi Ali made. Theo was the guy shot and stabbed to death by a fanatic Muslim in Amsterdam, the act that is regarded as the only (succeeded) terrorist act in this country; I call it a hate-murder. Ayaan Hirshi Ali, now that is a different story. I will write about her later, and yes, there is a very US-connection there.

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