Jill Bolte Taylor became a neuro-anatomist, motivated by the deep schizophrenia her brother suffered. Then one morning when she was 37 years old, she woke up with a splitting slowly pulsating headache behind her left eye. It didn’t take very long for her to rationalize she was suffering from a massive and expanding stroke, a process she tried to study and observe (“what a chance!!”), while trying at the same time fading in and out of different levels of consciousness, understanding of her surroundings, ability to control her body and speech, to get help.

Jill’s 19 minute talk on TED is jaw-dropping and emotional, and gives you a peek over edge into the fierce blazing opposing forces in our brains that somehow are normally delicately balanced to make us who we are. More than recommended.

Here is the link that will play the video in flash, but of course I discovered it through the TED channel on Miro.