Coincidence? The US removed China (by far the worst official non-wartime killer of it’s own citizens) from the list of 10 worst human rights violators. A few months before the Olympics. And T*bet (although I do see some smart timing from the folks in T*bet too). I know this blog is not blocked in China, so while the chances are slim ANYONE reads it, let me at least try it.

The Chinese army is violently smashing down protests against the Chinese let’s say ruling in T*bet. Numbers of citizens killed are very unclear but mark my words, it will go in the hundreds if not thousands. What can we do? How about:

  • Quit buying Chinese goods (that will be the toughest, though most effective one)
  • Start pissing off Olympics sponsors like Lenovo (the Chinese PC maker, formerly known as IBM), Volkswagen, McDOnald’s, Coca Cola, Samsung, Adidas, General Electric, etc. Here is a good article in the Wall Street Journal.
  • Inform Chinese contacts, chat mates, foreign students, etcetera.

I agree to NOT press sporters into an impossible split. They are there to do their thing and to ask them to boycott the games or speak out aloud (remember, they are in China, governed by Chinese laws, as would foreigners in US based games.

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