2.4 has been released. I am a strong promotor of using ooo as it is called. It is a free, complete office suite (text, spreadheet, presentation, etc. etc.) already used by millions of people. Personally, I find it easier to use than Microsoft Office. One of the many nice thing is a simple “Save to PDF”. Oh, and it’s free.

For those already using it: what has really improved is the uber-easy switching of languages. Probably not a big deal for US based reader, but for me, writing in my native language, but often using English quotes, this was a dearly needed feature.

The 110 MB download can be found here, but if you have a P2P client, it is sweeter to use that, as you will “give it back to the world”. Considering this release is just out, my P2P download, using Miro, was a blaze at 4 minutes.