In the last 5, 6 years, the political situation in my country has rapidly deteriorated.

The traditional left (“PvdA”) has lost most of it’s supporters due to invisible leadership and too many compromises to join the latest administration. All of this of course to the joy of more hardcore socialists (“SP”) who, even if you vigorously disagree with them, have a consistent strong and coherent message.

The Christian-oriented middle-to-right (“CDA”) is doing ok-ish.

The liberal, as in free market proponents right wing (“VVD”) is shattered by two newcomers and, again, a nasty leadership crisis. One is an anti-islam party about who I kinda not-wrote earlier, one is led by an ousted VVD parliament member, who will by current polls scoop up more than 20 seats if there were elections. What is most staggering is that

  • unlike the other parties, this newcomer is run like a business;
  • the party has NO program, no principles at all.

While the party will probably has to wait another 3 years to try it’s merits, it is an un-comforting thought that  a newcomer without ANY principle or choice gains the hearts of so many countrymen. It tells a tale of both the non-acceptance of our political leadership as well as the intelligence of “the people”, I am sorry to say.

Oh I have to make one correction. Told newcomer did state that she’s in favor of creating a jury-based judicial system; we have a independent, professional judiciary system now. I am not doing any US-bashing here, but I dare to say that jury-courts are about the one-but worst imaginable.

“The people” get what they deserve right? I mean, that is what I have always been screaming about you guys re-electing Bush. I think it’s time for me to slowly start “looking around”.