Whole Wheat Radio (WWR) was a common link for all of us. Operated out of Talkeetna, Alaska by Jim Kloss, the chat page at WWR Radio provided a venue for people from all over the world to discuss music, politics and to hook-up; that’s how all of the folks here at the Nest got together. Over time Jim, the guy that put WWR together has became increasingly paranoid and has driven fans and friends away from his site – it’s too bad because there was a lot of potential there. Instead of fighting “commercial web creep” Jim has chosen to become part and parcel. Now it seems that Jim has decided listeners are less important than his WIKI fantasy. Does he really believe that his programing can outdo WKCR, WBAI, WFMU or WDVX just to name a few that I listen to? I think Jim may be in for a rude surprise; too big for his britches I suspect – over and out from Anchorage.