The numbers are out:

  • US: 2.208 calls in 2007 (that is, the legal ones, not the NSA illegal tapping) [see update]
  • NL: 1.681 calls active taps per day in 2007.

OK, read that again. My country taps 280 times more calls. If we assume that on average every US and NL citizen makes the same number of calls, then corrected for the number of inhabitants, there is up to a 5000 times higher chance to be tapped here than in the US. The terrorists won.

Update and correction Nov 2009: I might have compared apples with oranges. The NL numbers represent the mean number of phone numbers tapped in a day. I will try to do some digging if the US number represented the same rationale. Anyway, for 2008 NL: total numbers (so not calls) tapped: 26.424, mean number of taps per day: 1946. This implies 1 out of every 605 citizens is being tapped.

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