Connections, connection

A bureau chief from the CIA, stationed at the American Embassy in The Hague, was summoned to leave the country. (…) The Dutch Intelligence service was investigating on a local businessman [on alleged exporting of nuclear technology] where camera’s and microphones were planted in his house. This showed that CIA staff were also breaking into the home. The service was not informed of the activities of their American counterparts. This happened in 2004.

This gives an interesting peek under the hood. What it more than implies is that friendly secret services can operate on legally on foreign soil (well, ours at least) as long is there is at least some information exchange beforehand. Of course we don’t know what the level of detail is that is required (What we do know how easily it is to spin accusations and rumor).

In all fairness I must say one of the darkest intelligence pages in the intelligence service book of my country is the leakage of ultra-centrifuge technology to Pakistan in the 70′s, basically enabling the country to become a nuclear power.