Zimbabwe. Robert Mugabe and his party rule the country with intimidation and violence. Until Tsvangirai, the popular opposition leader finally challenged him. In the last presidential election, he won by a substantial margin, but the rigged election committee declared the victory JUST not enough, so a second round was needed. In the meantime, Mugabe’s criminal lot organized widespread violence against Tsvangirai’s supporters and he had to face this tough decision, just before the second election: withdraw, save his supporters from the killings and intimidation, and stay the winner of the first round, or go on, spiraling in more violence, organized by Mugabe’s mob, and almost certainly be the second round’s looser. No supporter in his right mind would dare to vote, and even if he won again, a new rig is easily organized. Terrorism: the systematic use of terror especially as a means of coercion.

He caved, and I think it is wise. And he also sought refuge, ending up in the embassy of my country.

NRC: Dutch Emassy in Harare

I hope our people treat him as the statesman he is entitled to be.

In the meantime, what can we do? Well, we should NOT go there. The Europeans (and yes, the US too) would be regarded as again the arrogant colonists. We should support the regions pressure on Mugabe, especially on South Africa, which has taken a too soft stance of the criminals. And we should freeze the money on a global scale. The EU countries blocked the accounts of Mugabe and his 130 most loyal henchmen. It’s more than time the other civilized countries did the same.