I once saw on TV a guy from Chicago with a violin case who made a funny remark about ya know, Chicago, violin cases, something along the lines of it certainly NOT containing a machine gun, on a British airport. He was denied boarding immediately, and given a reprimande by a police office in a bullet free vestand carrying an impressive pice of weaponary (I am not talking a handgun).

Last Sunday, a flight attendant, being pointed to an unattended bag in the cabin (United) while boarding, made a smartass remark about it “containing a bomb” when asked if the owner was know by a passenger. Do me a favor and try that as a passenger ok? Report back here what happens.

On a sidenote: In the aviation forum discussing this, it went back and forth between “c’mon, we need more humor”, and “outrageous behavior”. I will keep my opinion to me on this one for now, but two gentlemen where obviously going nowhere, until one said:

I would say, sir, that our difference of opinion stems from the core of what we are and cannot be resolved by words typed on an online forum. I have the time and inclination to personally take things on a case-by-case basis. This comes from own values, which, as we’ve shown, are as different as night and day. (…) I respect your opinion, but I cannot agree with it or the underlying foundation upon which it most indubitably rests. I also respect and appreciate fully the faults which you find with my own postings.

I wish I had the patience and the literacy of this guy. Thumbs up big time.