Dutch Euro-parliament (kinda congress-euro-style) member Sophie in ‘t Veld has filed a complaint in the US. She is constantly picked for further questioning (“secondary screening”) when entering the US and wants to know why. 9 months ago she requested what was on file about here, based on the Freedom of Information act. Most departments did not respond, although after pressure the state department has written to her laywer there is “something”.

Her goal is twofold. First of all to show how hard it is as a normal, law abiding citizen to see what’s on record. But if course there is a more fundamental issue. The US and Europe have secretly and unofficially almost completed ironed out the issues regarding information exchange on travelers: CC numbers, meals, we’ve covered that before. There is one issue left: where does John Doe go when something is wrong with those records, which, I may add, are completely flawed in the first place. Are we safer now?

Good job Sophie.