Warning: this is a shameless self-plug, and has nothing to do with Alaska, Politics, The world, whatever.

It’s too boring and too long of a story to tell, but I needed a solid trip bookkeeping application for tax purposes on my BlackBerry, offline. And I needed to get really REALLY proficient in coding this enterprise grade smartphone (which is the main reason I was in the hide mostly for a while). After a steep learning curve I present to you “Trip” for the BlackBerry, which I truly believe to be both robust enough to trust your data to, as wel as having a few smart goodies for making entering trips really easy. Fast trip entry through rolling the distance and having your last 10 destinations selectable. And of course it has persistent storage etc etc. If you want to have it, post a comment with your email address and I will send it to you.

It’s all based on making things fast and easy. Features:

- odo start is odo end from last trip.
- end odo editable by rolling
- odo end defaults at 30 miles (closer for rolling for anything under 15 miles)
- odo’s editable typing
- start date-time defaults to now
- end date-time defaults to one hour later
- all date-times editable using BB user interface
- key n (now) overrides end date-time to current date-time
- quick-choose destination from 10 most recent destinations
- export to csv on the media card
- dump to and load from the media card (binary format)

Update: a lot of things have changed, ie key r immediately enters a return trip, default destination (last to one trip), bug fixes. Current version: 1.27.