Radovan Karadzic, one of the prime commanders in the Yugoslavian genocide is arrested. He’ll be here in The Hague soon, probably within 3 days. The camera crews are already stationed at the gate.

Prosecutor Serge Brammertz welcomes the arrest today of Radovan Karadži?, the war-time President of Republika Srpska in Bosnia and Herzegovina. He was a fugitive from justice for almost 13 years – the first indictment against him was confirmed on 24 July 1995.

In relation to the arrest, Prosecutor Brammertz stated the following:

“I was informed by our colleagues in Belgrade about the successful operation which resulted in the arrest of Radovan Karadži?. On behalf of the Office of the Prosecutor, I would like to congratulate the Serbian authorities, especially the National Security Council, Serbia’s Action Team in charge of tracking fugitives and the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor, on achieving this milestone in cooperation with the ICTY.

This is a very important day for the victims who have waited for this arrest for over a decade. It is also an important day for international justice because it clearly demonstrates that nobody is beyond the reach of the law and that sooner or later all fugitives will be brought to justice.”

The date of Radovan Karadži?’s transfer into the Tribunal’s custody will be determined in due course.

What this former psychologist is accused of:

  • Authorizing the 43 month siege and shelling of Sarajevo, killing 12.000
  • Architecting the raid on Srebrenica and the subsequent execution of 8.000 men and boys
  • Ordering the systematic arrest, torture, rape and killing of women and children

One down, two to go: Mladic and Hadzic.

Added July 30th: He’s been transported to The Hague (Den Haag).

Added August 1st: He has been brought to the court. He’s detained closby in the prison of Scheveningen (I will write about that later). You can see the opening session here (skip the Dutch introduction and start arounf 10:30 into the item). Here is the man we recognize again from the 90′s before he disappeared, not the beared thick glassed doctor we saw recently in the newspapers.

Added August 7th: If you watched that video mentioned above, you already good a good look on the preseding judge, Alphons Orie. While the International Court is located in The Hague, he is the only Dutchman in the courts 32 team of judges. You will also have noted while being very polite and nice, he will, as is far more custum in our legal system than in the Anglo-Saxon system, interrupt, ask questions and be part of the trial. A good and comprehensive profile can be found here.