For those of you who do not follow Boing Boing (and thus already noticed): do never, ever, EVER, not when you’re guilty, not when you’re innocent, EVER talk to the police.

Duane assumes no malice on the part of the police — just human failings and motivations. In a 27-minute lecture, he details the legal pitfalls people can wander into even by telling the absolute truth.

This could be the best advice you ever get. The even mildest example, and believe me, invest these 40 minutes, which btw includes the counter-talk of a seasoned detective who agrees (!!), is like: you’re driving 50 where 30 is allowed. A cop stops you and the first question he asks you is: “Do you know how fast you were driving?”. You want to be kinda honest so you say “Well officer, probably 37, 38″. Bingo! Confession! Oh, and off the record does not exist. And recordings are not required. Just that you know. Have a look, really.

The justice system of my country (The Netherlands) is a bit different as a confession does not mean “no court” and we do NOT have jury justice, but still.