My jaw dropped yesterday when local talk show host Aaron Selbig asked listeners who might have worked for British Petroleum or related concerns to call into his radio show and voice their opinions on BP’s shut down of its’ Alaska based oil production in order to fix infrastructure failures at Prudhoe Bay. To my amazement, numerous callers who claimed to have worked for BP or companies supporting BP’s operations called in to Aaron’s show with claims that BP had punished employees who reported leaks. As always I ask, where is the Fourth Estate? If former BP employees are willing to call into a radio show, state their names and talk about malfeasance on the part of the oil interests in my state, it’s hard for me to believe that local and national news reporters couldn’t get a story out about the shenanigans that the oil companies have been up to for the past 20 years. Why didn’t the State of Alaska or the Feds haul BP onto the carpet years ago? Inquiring minds need to know. Hmmmm?