As more and more UN staff is pouring into Southern Lebanon, it becomes evident what’s really going on there. In almost every village the place is littered with cluster bombs payloads. Some look like ventilator blades, others just tiny cylinders, about 1 by 2 inch. The latter are supposed to go through 3 inch steel armor. Nice stuff.

Back in the late 70′s, early 80′s, cluster bombs were supplied by the US to Israel, under certain “rules” on how to use them. One rule is they cannot be used against civilian targets. Stop reading here and think for a second will you? OK, thanks.

So, not only were complete villages covered with cluster bombs (“of course, all these villages housed terrorist Hezbollah fighters”), but the quality of the shit is obviously so bad, the place is littered with unexploded devices. And guess who is going to pick picking this stuff up, with population returning in the area? Right, the children. I don’t think it takes a rocket scientist to think about how the youngsters that loose friends, brothers, sisters like this will feel about it, and how willing they are to face up “the enemy”. Right, with hatred.
Read-see Seymour Hersh (New Yorker) on how Israel and the US pre-planned this war way before the two soldiers were captured. The idea was to kill Hezbollah (I don’t like Hezbollah, but they WERE elected by the people), while saying to Iran: “hey, watch out with your nuke toying”. Condi heavily involved, now on a peace mission there. Ehhh?? Anyway, seems that backfired a bit.
Now, the US, in an attempt to counter the the long established opinion that the US will back the Israeli government whatever they do, is investigating if the use of cluster bombs is in line with the agreement mentioned before. Complicating is the fact that the Israeli army has both US made as well as home brew cluster bombs in their arsenal. Anyone interested in making bets on the outcome?

ps: the fact that I am writing this ps is crazy enough in itself, but I would like to state I have nothing against Israel, Israeli’s, Jews and for that matter Arabs, Muslims, yes, Christians, fill in anything. I simply don’t care too much for lying stupid trigger happy governments, especialy as they, by definition, hold the right to use violence exclusively, which imho requires some intelligence and prudence.

Update: Jan Egeland (UN) has called Israel’s use of cluster bombs “Entirely immoral”. According to the news here (my translation back into English) he said “What is shocking and in my opinion entirely immoral is the fact that 90% of the attacks with cluster bombs were carried out in the last 72 hours of the conflict when it was certain there would be a resolution”. So far, 13 people have been killed and 46 wounded by the delayed explosions of cluster bomb “bomblets”.