I hope you will find this outiders view sort of amusing. When the whole secret prison thing started to boil, parliament sent our secretary of state (we call that minister of foreign affairs) to Condi to ask.

He had that talk and of course while she admitted there were things she simply couldn’t tell, she assured him that such prisons did not exist and consequently, no prisoners flights were flown over, or even handled in our country. Of course he then defended this fiercely and parliament was silenced. So now, with Bush’s confession about the existence of those prisons, the minister is seriously attacked on credibility and earmarked as na├»ve.

Friday is cabinet (all ministers) meeting day and the official administrations response is out. Let me roughly translate.

There is irritation and concern about the long upheld US denial of the existence of secret CIA prisons. Prime minister Balkenende was not willing to follow the conclusion drawn by some members of parliament that we were ‘screwed by the Americans’. The relationship between allies is affected though. ‘We certainly don’t need something like this too often’. The foreign affairs minister will call Condi and ask for an explanation”.

HAHAHAHHAAA!!!!! The mouse and the elephant! I had a big laugh over this!

note: A cartoon in a newspaper. Two guys, one saying “No airplane on the Pentagon, No WMD…”, the other concurring “….. and now we are to believe those secret prisons all of a sudden do exist?” Title was “Fokke and Sukke are not to be fooled”.