Today I read a somewhat simplistic, but nonetheless sensible statement in a local newspaper, found in the user submitted comments on an article about the Austrian far-right politician Jörg Haider, who was killed last week in a one-sided car accident (read: overtaking another car at 90 mph in fog, where 45 was allowed). It is a bit hard to translate, but I’ll do my best.

A person using words like “the people”, “own identity”, “nation” and “nationalism”, “adapt” and “full” (y-t: immigration context)…, someone like that should be regarded with healthy mistrust. That is somebody looking for power. For him that is, not for you.

He does not strive for a healthy, cooperative future. He wants destruction, trouble and misery. People using those words in public speaches deserve your sceptism. It is allowed, needed. They are messing with fire.

Those people reveal themselves through their use of language. Language is important, it tells us more than we think (..) It is your ability to understand the usage of language that matters, and your right to choose. Ignore these people. It is allowed, needed. It doesn’t require rocket science.

I am sure we see the connections here.