ran an interview with a UK human rights laywer, who visited Richard Reid, the shoe bomber, in 2002. It’s kinda interesting as the interview mainly revolves how a relatively non-extremist Joe changes into somebody who wants to kill 200 people including himself for a cause. But really the most to the point analysis is in the last praragraph IMHO (emphasis by me).

Q. When Peter Clarke, head of the anti-terror branch of the Metropolitan Police here in the UK, just a week or so ago says that he was concerned that there were thousands of potential recruits for this jihad. Does that surprise you now after the conversation you had with Richard Reid?

A. I think it’s a surprise that it wasn’t said earlier. I think the police themselves, the security services, it must have dawned on them because they had in the 1990s several plots by UK citizens that were directed against Israel, or possible unknown targets where the motivation seemed to be the link with injustices in Bosnia, North Africa and particularly with Palestine, and the West Bank and Gaza. For the most part, the British government said it has nothing to do with our foreign policy; it’s all about overturning the western way of life and democracy. A concept which I just find ridiculous and clearly Richard Reid, when he was talking, said in clear and quite animated terms, that you cannot have injustice compounded by the detention of people in Guantanamo Bay without charge, and expect people all over the world to sit by and applaud the United States for making the world a safer place.

Wise words. In the long run, nobody can impose rules on others and not apply them to oneselves.