Suck it up all you “liberals.” I’m sick and tired of hearing about how Barak Obama might turn out to be something other than the corporate hack he is. After all, we went through the same game of “hope” with Democrat Bill Clinton who set the stage for Bush-the-Lesser. Obama flopped on FISA – no small potatoes when I think about my civil rights going down the drain with that vote – made even more ominous considering that Obama pleged to oppose FISA and Telcom immunity when he was running in the primaries; no doubt a taste of things to come. Obama voted for the so called “bank bailout,” an ill concieved plan devoid of regulation and more than a little bit friendly (no strings attached) to the investment houses that “dorked up” big time ($700-billion+ friendly). And what was Obama’s position on Palestine, Israel and the “2-state solution” before he ran for President (hint – another flip-flop)? The NEW DEAL “happened” because of pressure from folks who thought that labor was more important than capital. Obama has been bought and paid for by “capital interests.” If he wins, I suspect the only way to put working men and women on a level playing field with the capitalists will be to “out” Obama. That’s what it took with FDR – he didn’t come up with the “New Deal” because he was a visionary – FDR was worried about the power of the people. Now-a-days, I fear, things could really get ugly because, I would posit, legislation passed, by OUR representatives, and signed into law by Bush, since 911 will brand almost any activity that opposes the power of the Federal Government and in many cases “private capital interests” a “terrorist action.” Good luck to us all.