Here we go again. (my favorite consolidator) points out a story from the McClatchy Washington Bureau (ADN is owned by McClatchy) that says the U.S. is fudging the numbers in Iraq big time. By selectively counting dead Iraqis , based on how they were killed, and then reporting the “cooked” numbers to the public the military is ignoring their own doctrine and “lessons learned.” Lessons learned have, by the way, been a big deal with the military services since Vietnam; they want everyone to know they are not stupid. The path that the D.O.D. folks are slithering down is a foolish one – it will only get them, and us, into trouble – especially if they start believing their own numbers. If the lessons of the past are meaningful, it is us the citizens who, in theory, empower our government that may suffer as more and more draconian laws and law enforcement actions are enacted and carried out to curtail our criticism of our government. In Vietnam the gap between what our government claimed was happening and what was really happening led to a, so called, “credibility gap.” When the North Vietnamese breached the walls of the U.S. Embassy in Saigon during their “Tet offensive” in 1968 more than a few jaws dropped. It looks to me like we’re going down the same path again; so much for “lessons learned.” :)