I know a big issue is where politicians and the parties get the money from. And it should be. Now read this (we’re talking the Netherlands, a small 16m people kingdom in Europe).

A consorsium of 5 large companies have offered to support all political parties with multi-media campaigning. The companies will take the tab on this, through a neutral foundation. It’s the first time in Dutch history private funding is offered on this scale: the administration has EUR 7m ($8.5m) available for the parties to campaign. The offer would compromise EUR 3.5m ($4.2m).

The consortium consists of KPN (former telecom monopolist), Endemol (media producer, read “Big brother” – no kidding, they made that show up), TNT (mail), Ordina (ICT company) and Microsoft.
VVD (liberal-right, “as long as it’s politically neutral”) and CDA (christian-right, “we believe this is society-responsable entrepreneurship”) were positive; PvdA (left, “no, we would need to provide privacy related information and anyway, our party rules forbid taking gifts exceeding EUR 30k), Groenlinks (more left) and SP (still more left) were opposing.

wtf???? WHAT THE F**K????? Microsoft, a foreign, monopoly hungry, greedy company is starting to interfere in our countries politics with a smokescreened “open to all”? WTF is going on here????