June 19th, 2012

STEAL THIS – digital blues and angst

A thread has popped up on The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) listserv with the subject line “Conflict over file sharing.” It’s got me thinking about digital again in a very negative way. Digital imagining has decimated the marketplace and workplace for photographers – no income (CityKid made his living as a photographer for 30+ years). The Internet has trashed news outlets – especially local venues. Musician’s are loosing their shirts. All the while – big corporations are cashing in. The original post read as follows and provided a link to a post by David Lowery on The Trichordist: Artists For An Ethical Internet:

> http://thetrichordist.wordpress.com/2012/06/18/letter-to-emily-white-at-npr-all-songs-considered/
> I’m not crazy about the term “Free Culture Movement” and David’s arguments
> do not make me love the major music companies again. But this comes from a
> different side of the tracks
> from what we are used to seeing, and for that reason, is quite interesting.
> Uncle Dave Lewis
> dlewis@gmail.com
> Lebanon, OH

Later after some commentary on the list by some folks I have a great deal of respect for this post appears which links to an earlier post by Lowery at The Trichordist. Food for thought, leading to more angst:

> In case anyone’s interested, David’s extensive post from April
> [http://thetrichordist.wordpress.com/2012/04/15/meet-the-new-boss-worse-than-the-old-boss-full-post/]
> really gets into how musicians are losing out, and not just from illegal
> downloading.
> Chris

The problem is where money from the marketplace is going and who has the voice to convince “the users” what is really going on. This all leads me back to wondering if the problem is technological or if it comes from the businesses that own and produce digital products? I suspect the answer is complicated. More to come no doubt.

Have a nice day (Solictace – daylight in ANC today: 4:21 AM – 11:42 PM)

April 22nd, 2012

Another breakdown of my administration. Luckily.

European legislation forces member states to keep their deficit under 3%. The administrations (left and right) of my tiny country have not been saving and restructuring enough when the tides were high, and so now we’re slipping into 4% – 4.5% area. And of course our right winged administration (with a minority in parliament and held prisoner by the ultra-right xenophobic party) started negotiations to salvage 18 billion Euros, even drawing in the ultra-religious party in their desperation to make it. Doing that in a cyclic pattern (as opposed to anti-cyclic) is of course killing the economy further and driving more people into (relative) poverty. The negotiations failed yesterday, after 7 weeks. It is next to certain the administration will hand in their resignation tomorrow and new elections will be held in September.

As far as I am concerned: the sooner the better.

In the mean time, we will surely not hit the 3% mark, and the added political inertia will result in a degraded credit rating (we’re still AAA now). Well, f*** ‘m, the power of the “financial markets’ and the ‘credit rating bureaus’ has grown way out of proportions.Откъде да купя иконаидея за подарък

April 21st, 2012

Google Sync on Blackberry

Things are going downhill fast now. Google will sunset Google Sync for Blackberry. Support & Downloads will cease June 1st. Seems like they keep it operation after that.

*note*: In all fairness, there is a gcal sync option build into BIS, and I only ran into it now examining my options.

April 18th, 2012

The need to go

Posted on Airliners.net. Hilarious

Use barf bags with caution. Years ago myself and 2 friends embarked on a cross country journey to the big city in a rented Cessna 172. About an hour and a half into our return trip back home our back seat passenger informs us he has to take a wicked piss and just can’t hold it anymore.

We begin to discuss our options, we’re only about 30 minutes from destination and already running late so we don’t really want to make an unscheduled pit stop. In an ironic twist of fate we just happened to be flying in the vicinity of Niagara Falls at the time which probably didn’t help with our friends state of mind. Things rapidly deteriorate and our backseater is now almost to the point of tears in what appeared to be an extreme state of discomfort, he had to go NOW.

With no other apparent options I pass him back a barf bag and tell him to use that. Now up to that flight it was always part of our pre-flight procedures to make sure there were barf bags onboard, however I never actually looked at them to make sure they were in a satisfactory condition, and as we were about to learn, the one I passed back had been ripped and had a few small holes in the bottom of it.

Now with the aroma of stinky pee filling the cabin, that stuff really stinks in such a small confined space, our hapless passenger begins to inform us in no uncertain terms (the “F” word repeated multiple times) that this now half full bag of stinky pee has sprouted a leak of it’s own. In the ensuing panic we surmise the best course of action would be to immediately discharge the offending bag from the aircraft ASAP.

I pull the throttle back to slow down and crack open the door. Leaning forward our hapless passenger begins to try and rapidly egress the bag through the partially open door, when we learn another of life’s cruel lessons, the structural integrity of a half full barf bag of pee is no match for the 110 mile per hour wind stream. As soon as the leaky bag begins to poke out and make contact with the outside airflow it promptly explodes into a fireball of warm yellow urine, with most of the blowback being sprayed directly into the face of our now very hapless passenger.

In the ensuing hysterical laughter it’s all I can do to maintain straight and level flight. As I look back to survey the damage I observe that the now empty bag had managed to exit the aircraft after all where it had now become lodged on the horizontal stabilizer. I carry a few extra knots on the approach not knowing the full aerodynamic effect on performance caused by a barf bag stuck on the stab, probably nothing but safety first.

We got a few looks as we taxied into the flying club with a long yellow streak down the side of the fuselage and a barf bag stuck on the tail. Confirming the condition of all onboard barf bags, and making sure all passengers have gone to the washroom before departure, is now part of my pre-flight checklist.

Thank you “JetCaptain” for a good laugh!

April 17th, 2012

The ahem gesturing

Oh god. After having to endure all those idiots “gesturing” at their “look how cool I am and I can afford it” iWhats looking like wannabe Harry Potters with a handicap, we soon will have a crammed in crowd of wavers, touchers and worse at 35.000 ft soon.



April 10th, 2012

Google Talk on Blackberry (don’t update to!)

Short blurb to get the warning word out. If you have a blackberyy and hapen to run Google Talk (by RIM!!) on it, do NOT upgrade, as App World would like you too. You will probably loose the presence status of all your contacts. As I did :(

March 31st, 2012

The birth of a book

Unfortunately not embeddable: http://vimeo.com/38681202. Beautiful!

March 31st, 2012

The Score Editor

Score editors have been around for ages. From what I’ve heard from my music teacher Encore is the editor, but for the occasional user it is a bit expensive with it’s $399 price tag. Then there is Overture, Finale, Sibelius, etcetera. And there is of course open source projects like MuseScore and NtEd, which you need if you’d happen to run i.e. Ubuntu.

Then I thought it should not be that insanely difficult to do score editing “google docs” style, web based, and with funky sharing options. Well, of course smarter people came up with that idea long ago. Noteflight is an online score editor, written in Flash. I’ve tried it a bit and it is pretty easy to get the hang of, especially once you get a grip of the keyboard shortcuts, which is true for all score editors. For me as a lousy student, the free version, limited to 10 scores and a few other limitations is fine, and for somebody who’d like to build a private or shared library the yearly $49 seems not entirely unreasonable to me.

March 21st, 2012

The death penalty in my country

Because of a currently court case about an extreme child molester (the perp even raped a 19 days old child) capital punishment is suddenly discussed in the popular right winged hysterical media. Here are the facts regarding my own country,

The Netherlands removed capital punishment from law in 1870. The last Dutchman being executed in peace time was the 27 year old Johannes Nathan. He was publicly executed (hanged) in 1860 on the market square in Maastricht for killing his mother in law. In 1945 capital punishment was re-introduced for crimes of war. Until 1952 39 war criminals were executed based on that special law, the last 2 on March 21st 1952. Ever since, captial punishment has been removed from the law. Abolishment of the death penalty is mandatory to join the European Union.

March 16th, 2012

The horrific shooting and the fallout

It is reported here that the US will not co-operate with the investigation on that awful shooting by the soldier, killing three families. It might be reporting bias, I don’t know. It seems to me that the “let us handle this, we know better” attitude, amplified by the man being flown out of the country, is simply making the US image abroad worse?

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not saying “toss the guy over to the Afghans”. I am not so ignorant. He’d probably be quartered or something. Somehow I do not believe (a supposed) metal disorder would be regarded whatsoever. But not co-operating in the investigation?

Jesse Helms in a micro cosmos. Sigh.